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  • Karoo

    National Park

    South Africa

    Beaufort West

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  • Inside the Karoo National Park

    with partially bad road conditions

    on side routes

  • The Karoo Park is getting more interesting on the small roads

  • The landscape didn't substantially change for hundred of millions of years

  • The hartebeest is called "harte" deer because in Africaans 'harte' means heart. The horn forms a heart. Look at it.

  • Time is relative. Time is endless in the Karoo.

    The oldest granite is from 4 billion years ago.

    "The land will never change.

          If you change the land,

                it will turn on you."

        Australian saying from an

        Aborigine Elder

  • The Bradysaurus is the oldest reptile, which lived 265 million years ago  

    It belonged to the therapsida, which were the ancestors of us, the mammals

  • Earth, water, sun and the sky with the distinctive smell of the land with its vegetation - makes you small and reverential


I found a Nameless Stream among the hills,

And traced its course through many a changeful scene;

Now gliding free through grassy uplands green,

And stately forests, fed by limpid rills;

Now dashing through dark grottos, where distils

The poison dew ; then issuing all serene

'Mong flowery meads, where snow-white lilies screen

The wild-swan's whiter breast. At length it fills

Its deepening channels; flowing calmly on

To join the Ocean on his billowy beach.

—But that bright bourne its current ne'er shall reach:

It meets the thirsty Desert and is gone

To waste oblivion! Let its story teach

The fate of one — who sinks, like it, unknown.

Glen Lynden, 1825

Touws River







and camping at the river mouth



is a small town somewhere between Port Elizabeth and Cape Town at the Indian ocean.




Beach at The Wilderness

A Guinea Fowl

Guinea Fowls


Light House at Cape St. Francis

Light House

Famous for World-class beaches for wave-riding

beach wave

houses at the beach


rocky beach

rocky beach2