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  • Karoo

    National Park

    South Africa

    Beaufort West

    (see next after this

    coffee break)

  • Inside the Karoo National Park

    with partially bad road conditions

    on side routes

  • The Karoo Park is getting more interesting on the small roads

  • The landscape didn't substantially change for hundred of millions of years

  • The hartebeest is called "harte" deer because in Africaans 'harte' means heart. The horn forms a heart. Look at it.

  • Time is relative. Time is endless in the Karoo.

    The oldest granite is from 4 billion years ago.

    "The land will never change.

          If you change the land,

                it will turn on you."

        Australian saying from an

        Aborigine Elder

  • The Bradysaurus is the oldest reptile, which lived 265 million years ago  

    It belonged to the therapsida, which were the ancestors of us, the mammals

  • Earth, water, sun and the sky with the distinctive smell of the land with its vegetation - makes you small and reverential


My radio ham activities

I currently work with a Flexradio SDR and a GAP Titan antenna.

My interests are mainly HF and digital modes and especially the theory behind the digital communications engineering and the theoretical physics.


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I am member of the German Radio Club

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I own an American Amateur Radio licence: W0MHB


Hear you on one of the open bands!

73 and 55!