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  • Karoo

    National Park

    South Africa

    Beaufort West

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  • Inside the Karoo National Park

    with partially bad road conditions

    on side routes

  • The Karoo Park is getting more interesting on the small roads

  • The landscape didn't substantially change for hundred of millions of years

  • The hartebeest is called "harte" deer because in Africaans 'harte' means heart. The horn forms a heart. Look at it.

  • Time is relative. Time is endless in the Karoo.

    The oldest granite is from 4 billion years ago.

    "The land will never change.

          If you change the land,

                it will turn on you."

        Australian saying from an

        Aborigine Elder

  • The Bradysaurus is the oldest reptile, which lived 265 million years ago  

    It belonged to the therapsida, which were the ancestors of us, the mammals

  • Earth, water, sun and the sky with the distinctive smell of the land with its vegetation - makes you small and reverential

The Baviaans Kloof Nature Reserve is an area of pure nature close to Port Elizabeth, which is not very known to travellers and visitors to the Garden Route.

It's worth a visit because of the untouched landscape, the road adventure and the unspoiled culture of Eastern Cape farming.


Kloof is Africaans and means gorge. "oo" is not spoken like an "u", but like "ua". Baviaans is a baboon. So the Baviaans Kloof is the gorge where the baboons live.




A drankwinkel is a shop mostly for alcoholic drinks or as it said "drank". A "winkel" is the word for a shop in Africaans.


Farms are simple and very cosy. Gardens are always a feast for the eyes.





water crossing1

water crossing2

water crossing3                                                            water crossing included at the highway, which is the only way