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  • Karoo

    National Park

    South Africa

    Beaufort West

    (see next after this

    coffee break)

  • Inside the Karoo National Park

    with partially bad road conditions

    on side routes

  • The Karoo Park is getting more interesting on the small roads

  • The landscape didn't substantially change for hundred of millions of years

  • The hartebeest is called "harte" deer because in Africaans 'harte' means heart. The horn forms a heart. Look at it.

  • Time is relative. Time is endless in the Karoo.

    The oldest granite is from 4 billion years ago.

    "The land will never change.

          If you change the land,

                it will turn on you."

        Australian saying from an

        Aborigine Elder

  • The Bradysaurus is the oldest reptile, which lived 265 million years ago  

    It belonged to the therapsida, which were the ancestors of us, the mammals

  • Earth, water, sun and the sky with the distinctive smell of the land with its vegetation - makes you small and reverential

Deep Connections

As I stayed with my family two times two years in Port Elizabeth for life and work, I feel inseparably associated with the people and the country of South Africa.

Since these times, I share joy and sadness with all South African people and be grateful for the exeriences we all could made.

The landscape is just as beautiful as it was since the beginnig of time and the vast horizon in the Karoo reminds you to your own transitoriness. A land which is capable to give you back the peace we miss in our hectic western hight-tec world.

Therefore, I keep it with a very famous quote from an even more famous poet, who loved this continent more than his own life, at the end.

           “You become

                     responsible forever


                               sheepfor what you've tamed”


                  Le petit prince, 1943, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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