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Mallorca - isla mayor "the greater"
Within the Mediterranean Sea at the intersection of Spain / Corsica and North Africa there is Mallorca which is not only the island for 100.000s of sun worshipers every year, but also the home of one of our beginning of the old European culture. Mallorca is the greatest one of the three Balearic islands.
Further, Mallorca contains many beautiful valleys and gorges for hiking and ambitous biking. Culture, nature and lifestyle is a perfect combination for an unforgettable stay.
   Sóller is the starting point for nature lovers and hikers. The litlle town is situated in the Northwest.
 The way down from the highest point to Sóller.
The summit is unfortuantely occupied by the local forces.

                                      Sóller market square at sunset

                                  The impressive church of Sóller
Gorge of Sa Calobra
Palma de Mallorca - Placa Major
Famous building from the architect Gaudi at turn of the century
Catedral de Mallorca                                       Yacht harbour
Also here Gaudi was present

                                                           Es Firó - Moros y Cristiano



Finally, it is to say that this beautiful island is much more pretty and quite than its reputation.