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El Hierro  - One of the Canary Islands


El Hierro is one of the seven islands of the Canary Islands which belongs geographically to Africa, politically to the EU and amateur-radio-technical-wise to EA8.

Its is one of the smaller islands and only one daily ferry to Tenerifa and a daily flight with a turbo bi- propellor airplane connects the piece of land with the main island from where people can travel further.

6.000 island inhabitants are left from before the crises started in 2012. More than 10.000 people had their outcome before that time.

Please have a look together with me how beautiful this little island is together with its unique nature.


Binter flies you comfortably from Tenerifa to El Hierro  





About 1.000 m above sea level, extended hiking tours are the choice of your daily activities




The coastline is ragged and sometimes the North-East passat causes high waves



The island has been created by vulcano activities 1,1 million years ago. The last activity was in 2011.


Some places enables you to go safely for a swim.


El Hierro offers the visitors many worlds in one small world. There are so many things to discover.



The UNESCO declared El Hierro as Biosphere Reserve in 2000