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Shak and Amateur Radio of DL2MHB/W0MHB
Dear OM
Thank you for being interested in this short infomation.
I was born in the southern part of Germany in 1960 and I made my licence in 1992 during our first stay in South Africa from 1991 - 1993.
My previous and first callsigns were ZS2ABG and ZS2ABW. As we returned to Germany I was active from 1993 to February 2009 using the callsign DL2MHB. Since 2008 I have also owned the US callsign W0MHB. From 2009 till 2011 I used the newly issued callsign ZS2MS in South Africa during a second stay in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, from May 2012.
I am again active under the German callsign DL2MHB and I am proud member of the German Amateur Radio Club and the American Radio Relay League. I am a technical physics engineer and I am interested in all technical and physical principles in connection with radio, propagation and everything else which keeps the universe together. I love DX-ing and would like to greet all radio hams worldwide from our lovely city Ingolstadt in Bavaria, Germany.
God bless you all and save our world's beautiful nature and planet for the coming generations.
73 de DL2MHB
DL2MHB, Mike, shak in the attic
GAP Eagle vertical 10-40m antenn